38-Year-Old Expert Budgeter and Saver Reveals Her Tips for Saving Big

Carly DeFelice, 38, is setting an example when it comes to saving money and budgeting. A successful personal finance instructor and community manager at a coworking space in Austin, Texas, she has consistently made significant inroads in building her wealth, despite an annual salary of $58,000.

Successfully paying off $35,000 in debt and accumulating more than $100,000 in investments by age 26, she has now increased her total savings to about $400,000. Her frugal habits, discretionary budgeting, and cautious spendings continue to power her impressive financial growth.

DeFelice’s grocery expenses are just $123.65 for a month. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy in the current state of inflation, where prices have been skyrocketing.

H2: Practicing Intentional Spending and Budgeting

DeFelice operates on a weekly discretionary budget of $120, which includes her grocery spends. She carefully plans her meals for the week, and her shopping list is backed by a simple yet significant technique: always make a grocery list.

Her confidence in sticking to this list enables her to avoid impulse purchases and, in turn, restrict her grocery budget to a predetermined limit. Similar disciplined planning is applied to outings and social gatherings, allowing her to balance meaningful social experiences while maintaining her $50 budget for entertainment.

H3: Mastering the Art of Socializing and Saving

DeFelice believes that where you spend your money should have meaning. From heart-to-heart conversations at happy hours to intentional grocery shopping, her key to financial success is to ensure that her spending aligns with her values and goals.

DeFelice shows that with a focused, intentional approach to spending, it is possible to cultivate a thriving social life while consistently saving and building wealth. Her diligent budgeting and smart saving tactics stand as a testament to her financial acumen.

Her message remains clear: one can enjoy a fulfilling social life without compromising their financial future.

In the age of inflation and rising prices, DeFelice’s story serves as an inspirational narrative, emphasizing the importance of intentional spending in achieving long-term financial well-being.

Through her disciplined approach to budgeting and saving, she has not only managed to thrive socially but also build significant wealth and financial security for the future. Her success story is a testament to the power of smart and thoughtful spending decisions, even on a modest income.