Young Women Prefer Democrat Over Republican Men, Survey Finds

A survey conducted by Change Research revealed that identifying as a communist is a major dating red flag for men, with 64% saying they would not want to date someone with this political leaning. According to the results, communism is a far-left ideology advocating for all wealth and property to be communally owned. This sentiment is echoed by 55% of women, although other sociopolitical stances were also found to be problematic — particularly “MAGA Republican”, which was considered the worst red flag with 76% of women stating that it was undesirable.

The survey results demonstrated a broader trend of men and women having increasingly divergent political views. In 2021, 44% of women identified as liberal, while only 25% of men did. This reveals a significant shift from a decade ago when 30% of women and 27% of men identified as liberal. In light of these results, it is no wonder that dating people with different political views can become challenging.

Relationships Across the Political Divide

Dating someone with stark political differences has become increasingly difficult. Daniel Cox, director and founder of the Survey Center on American Life, highlighted how political categories today neatly map onto ideological categories. Furthermore, Cynthia Peacock, an associate professor at the University of Alabama college of communication and information sciences, pointed out that politics often bleed into daily habits. This was reaffirmed by her research, showing that political dissimilarities often lead to lower relationship satisfaction and more intense conflicts.

The Personal Implications

Daniel Huff, a former adviser to the Donald Trump White House and founder of The Right Stuff, a dating app for conservatives, recounted experiences of discomfort on dates after sharing his career and party affiliation. Although he used to be more open to dating people with different political views, Huff now says he avoids it.

Alyssandra Tobin, a 29-year-old living in Missoula, Montana, expressed concerns about her experiences dating in conservative states. She recognized that her political views often generate confrontations, leading her to be more cautious when introducing her beliefs.

As people’s party affiliations increasingly act as proxies for their beliefs and lifestyle choices, singles are more likely to seek out partners who align with their own values, leading to greater satisfaction and compatibility. In this context, the political divide can become a divisive factor in personal relationships.