Spotting the Next Superstars: 7 Types of Successful Personalities Every Company Dreams Of

As the founder of an executive search firm, William Vanderbloemen’s job is to find the best of the best for top companies. In the last 15 years, he has interviewed more than 30,000 candidates. He calls the uncommonly talented, effortless leaders, and irresistibly winsome people he encounters “unicorns” because they are extraordinarily rare.

Fast, Authentic, Solver, Self-Aware, Curious, Likeable, and Productive are seven types of successful personalities that every company dreams of. According to Vanderbloemen, these are the individuals who can make a colossal impact on an organization. He shares how to cultivate the attributes that define their remarkable success.

1. The Fast Unicorn

Being fast doesn’t mean you say yes to everything. It means quickly discerning what needs an immediate response and what does not. Fast Unicorns are decisive, play hardball with tenacity and efficiency, and finish their work on time. They also value a quick response time and set quick, achievable deadlines.

2. The Authentic Unicorn

Nobody expects you to be flawless at your job. In fact, being inauthentic can be the worst way to handle your mistakes. Sharing your mistakes with humility can bring people together and forge meaningful connections. Admitting mistakes and asking for help when needed are crucial in cultivating an authentic mindset.

3. The Solver Unicorn

Resolving a challenge is much more commendable than complaining about it. Vanderbloemen encourages curates solutions rather than complaints. The key is to refrain from being a victim and to channel energy into moving past challenges.

4. The Self-Aware Unicorn

Understand your strengths and weaknesses and try not to impose on others in meetings. Constructive and genuine feedback can assist in becoming more self-aware by correcting mistakes and habits that could be off-putting to others.

5. The Curious Unicorn

Staying curious suggests genuine engagement and interest beyond a paycheck. Ask questions, stay informed, and foster a mindset that regards challenges as opportunities.

6. The Likeable Unicorn

The Likable Unicorns play well with others. Building relational equity is vital, and this can be achieved through setting aside time before meetings, remembering names, and engaging in small talk.

7. The Productive Unicorn

Being productive comes down to knowing yourself, staying organized, and valuing outcomes over output. Vanderbloemen recommends writing down the three most important tasks every day and tracking your own productivity.

In conclusion, each of these unicorns has something valuable to offer to the workplace, and cultivating these mindsets could lead to a brighter future for any organization.