**JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Urges Corporate Leaders to Support Nikki Haley’s Presidential Campaign**

*Wealthy corporate leaders are being urged by JPMoran CEO Jamie Dimon to support Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign as an alternative to Donald Trump.*

Jamie Dimon made the appeal during a conference hosted by The New York Times’ DealBook franchise. He addressed a room full of Wall Street heavyweights, including Elon Musk, Bill Ackman, and Bob Iger, urging them to support Nikki Haley, even if they are liberal democrats. Dimon expressed the need for a choice on the Republican side that might be better than Trump.

**Dimon’s Appeal to the Business Elite**

Dimon’s message was primarily directed at the business elite present in the room and not to all liberal democrats. This appeal comes at a time when Haley is gaining momentum in terms of support from political backers and is being endorsed by political networks financed by billionaire Charles Koch.

Haley also recently had a phone conversation with Dimon about the state of the economy. Dimon, reportedly worth $1.8 billion according to Forbes, expressed optimism about the future of the economy and the potential impact of Haley’s leadership.

**Dimon’s Stance Towards Trump**

While Dimon urged support for Haley’s campaign, he stopped short of saying the Republican presidential nominee should be anyone but Trump. He acknowledged the possibility of Trump continuing as the president and the need to maintain a working relationship with him.

**Haley’s Momentum**

Haley’s momentum is not limited to Wall Street. A recent CNN poll showed an increase in support for Haley among likely GOP primary voters in the key primary state of New Hampshire. She emerged as the second choice with 20% of the support, trailing behind Trump who had 42% support. This marked an 8-point increase for Haley since the previous poll.

The poll also indicated that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie were also contenders in the Republican primary, with DeSantis at 9% and Christie at 14%.

As the presidential race continues to unfold, Haley’s campaign is gaining traction and attracting support from influential figures in both the business and political arenas. The appeal made by Dimon further emphasizes the diversity of support for potential candidates in the upcoming election.