Jae Kwon Announces Retirement from Interchain Foundation Presidency

Blockchain software architect and co-founder of Tendermint, Jae Kwon, has announced his intention to step down from his position as president of the Interchain Foundation (ICF) in June 2021. Kwon’s decision to retire from the presidency was made in order to focus on engineering activities.

The Interchain Foundation, also known as ICF, was established with the mission of promoting the development of open and decentralized systems. Kwon’s announcement of his retirement comes as a surprise to many in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, as he was seen as a key figure in the foundation’s leadership.

Kwon’s Role at ICF

As the president of the ICF, Kwon played a crucial role in overseeing the strategic direction and development of the foundation. Under his leadership, the ICF has been involved in funding various projects and initiatives in the blockchain space, with a focus on supporting open-source technologies and decentralized networks.

Kwon’s decision to step down from the ICF presidency is seen as a significant shift in the organization’s leadership and has raised questions about the future direction of the foundation. Many in the blockchain community will be watching closely to see how this change will impact the ICF’s activities and initiatives in the coming months.

Kwon’s Retirement and Future Plans

In announcing his retirement from the ICF presidency, Kwon expressed his desire to shift his focus back to engineering and technical work. As a blockchain software architect and co-founder of Tendermint, Kwon has a strong background in software development and engineering, and his decision to return to a more hands-on role has been met with enthusiasm by many in the industry.

Looking ahead, Kwon’s decision to step down from the ICF presidency is expected to lead to new opportunities and challenges for both Kwon and the foundation. With his wealth of experience and expertise in blockchain technology, Kwon’s continued contributions to the industry are eagerly anticipated by many in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.