Amazon to offer palm-scanning tech for businesses

Amazon recently unveiled its latest venture, Amazon One Enterprise, which expands the use of its palm-scanning technology beyond grocery stores.

Authentication tool for businesses

This new version of the technology is designed for the corporate world and aims to provide an efficient and secure way for employees to access locations and confidential data within the company. With Amazon One Enterprise, corporate employees will be able to swipe their hand to enter an office or access sensitive information like financial data or human resources records.

Positive reception from businesses

The biometric technology has already gained the attention of some major companies, including IHG Hotels and Resorts, Boon Edam, and Kone. Amazon One Enterprise is being offered in the U.S. on a preview basis starting Monday, but pricing details have not been disclosed.

Cheaper and more secure solution

Amazon is positioning Amazon One Enterprise as a favorable alternative to traditional security and authentication tools like fobs, badges, and passwords. The company’s vice president, Dilip Kumar, emphasized that businesses appreciate the privacy and convenience that comes with this technology.

Expanding the Amazon One ecosystem

Launched in 2020 as a payment system for shoppers, Amazon One has been deployed in various settings such as Whole Foods, Go convenience marts, Fresh supermarkets, sports and entertainment venues, and some Panera restaurants and Starbucks locations. However, there has been criticism and privacy concerns raised by advocacy groups.

Response to privacy concerns

Amazon has defended the privacy of its palm-scanning technology, stating that it is more private than other biometric systems because it doesn’t capture purchase data from scans collected by non-Amazon stores.

Following a successful pattern

The introduction of Amazon One Enterprise mirrors the company’s strategy of adapting existing technologies and products for the corporate environment, as seen with the launch of Astro for Business earlier this month.

In conclusion, Amazon’s expansion of its palm-scanning technology into the corporate world with Amazon One Enterprise is a testament to the continuous innovation and adaptability of the company’s offerings. However, concerns about privacy and security will likely continue to be key considerations for both Amazon and businesses adopting this technology.