The Secrets of Longevity by Dan Buettner

In a tucked-away corner of Nicoya, Costa Rica, lies the world’s healthiest breakfast. It is an area where the Cooperativa Nicoya thrives and their group of a dozen or so people begin their day at 4 am. They are known for making a hearty longevity dish.

The Meat of the Breakfast

At the Cooperativa Nicoya, supporters start their day by mixing corn dough with wood ash and boiling spicy beans over a wood fire. They believe that this combination could help them live longer; there is truth behind this claim. The mix of corn tortillas, chewy and nutty, is high in whole-grain, low-glycemic complex carbohydrates. The wood ash enhances the flavor and creates B vitamin niacin, which helps in the proper functioning of the body. The beans, rich in anthocyanins, act as antioxidants that cleanse the colon, lower blood pressure, and regulate insulin functioning. Above all, beans contain important components like potassium, B vitamins, and black beans that are known for their benefits. The combination of beans and rice creates a powerful protein that provides the body with all the necessary amino acids needed for sustenance.

The price of the breakfast: $4.23. An excellent price to discover Nicoya’s secrets to longevity.

The Breakfast and Heaven

The Nicoyans have discovered the perfect recipe for longevity. The breakfast and the method are so easy and improbable that one can’t help but wonder how it all came about. And now they want to reveal these secrets with the rest of the world. Feeling inspired by their revelation, one could imagine having a large batch of bean soup prepared and then having it for the week. There are ways to impress with food but this recipe steals the show.

The Recipes

Luckily, someone as avid and passionate about cooking as Costa Rican Josie Guevara has shared his recipe for the Gallo Pinto. Jill Scott from Austin, Texas demonstrated a recipe for Tender Bean, Potato and Onion Stew. The latter is the perfect meal for any household and she swears by it. The break of dawn can be peaceful and complete with breakfast like this. Let it overpower you and don’t miss out on the opportunity to try it.

The Legacy Continues

Jose Guevara’s Gallo Pinto is a time-honored recipe that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. They say it’s best topped with eggs. Bean dishes are a staple in the diet of Costa Rican people and are prepared to be consumed at all times. The Black Bean and Rice dish and Bean, Potato, and Onion Stew have been enjoyed by a number of people who appreciate good, wholesome food. The recipes can be made at home and enjoyed at any mealtime. Costa Rica and Nicoya have so far unveiled the secrets of longevity; can we help everyone else uncover them too?